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The HKF- center for hip, knee and foot surgery offers several procedures to treat knee diseases.

Our International Knee Surgeons are highly specialized on biologic knee repair and knee replacement.
Meniscal repair, ligament repair (e.g. anterior cruciate ligament) and cartilage repair are performed on a daily basis depending on your needs and necessaritiy.
In case of advanced osteoarthrosis we offer the most modern standard of partial and total knee replacement and revision of knee prosthesis.

Until you are back on track a personal and individual rehabilitation is performed at the ATOS rehabilitation centre from experienced physiotherapists.

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~Knee Replacement

Interview mit Prof. Thermann in der Zeitschrift Golfmedico

Fitness und Gesundheit bis ins hohe Alter ist wahrlich nicht selbstverständlich. Golfmedico widmet sich diesem Thema um die medizinischen Fragen eines jeden Hobbygolfers regelmäßig in gedruckter Form zu beantworten.
Hier geht zum Interview (PDF)

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